Are you a director?

Are you a director?

Are you a director, corporate secretary or officer of an organization responsible for practicing good corporate governance? Is having real-time access to reports, filings and important data paramount to decisions you are required to make?

BoardSuite is a secure platform where corporate governance information is created, reviewed, discussed and approved before dissemination - it’s where informed decisions are made.

You know that business decisions not only influence the direction of your organization, but they must meet today’s compliance and governance standards. Consequences are severe: lost revenue, poor financial performance and a tarnished reputation amongst existing and potential investors. Poor corporate governance reflects negatively on you – the director.

BoardSuite presents the facts, allowing diligent and thorough review of documents while mitigating your risk
as the director.


BoardSuite Ecosystem

Provided as a FREE SaaS-based service, BoardSuite enables executive leadership teams to securely and effectively manage their governance and compliance requirements, thus allowing them to devote more time towards helping their organizations improve overall business performance.

BoardSuite ecosystem

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